Our Mission

At Condo Society, we believe in a better way of buying and selling real estate in Toronto. We aren’t your typical stuffy realtors who hang out at the “old boys club” drinking hundred-year-old scotch and talk about the glory days. You know the stories...  where they had to trudge through the snow uphill just to make a sale. 
Not in the slightest. We think your realtor should actually meet all your needs – not just sell you a piece of property. We are passionate about safeguarding your best interest so you’re happy with the entire process.  That means dotting all the ‘i’s and crossing all the ‘t’s to ensure you get the property you’ve been looking for at the best possible price. 
We use the latest technology to make finding and purchasing easier in a competitive market like Toronto. Say goodbye to wasting weekends going from open house to open house, say goodbye to getting outbid again and again, and definitely say goodbye to stressful negotiations.  Isn’t your time better spent enjoying a bottle of wine on your new patio overlooking the city? 
Without further adieu, here are the two co-founders...